Yarra Valley Dairy - Frederic's 110g
Yarra Valley Dairy - Frederic's 110g
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Yarra Valley Dairy - Frederic's 110g

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    A variety of award-winning cheese is made in this historic location, taking inspiration from the great cheeses of Europe and using fresh, local milk, to produce uniquely Australian cheeses that showcase the best of both. Goat’s milk is milk delivered regularly from a family owned property in the Mansfield region nestled at the foothills of Victoria’s High Country.   

    To make Frederic’s, the goat’s milk is first pasteurized, then enters the cheese making vats where cultures and rennet are added, resulting in the formation of a porcelain white curd. This delicate curd is cut and scooped into small round moulds before draining for several hours. Next they are carefully removed from their moulds and allowed to mature in specially designed rooms at the dairy over a number of weeks. It is here that they develop their velvety white rind before being given a gentle dusting of black vegetable ash, which contrasts beautifully against the striking white coloured cheese contained within. 

    Frederic’s is named after the younger brother of Charles Hubert de Castella, Paul Frederic de Castella. He may be the lesser known, of the two brothers but he is no less accomplished, playing a crucial role in making the Yarra Valley region what it is today. This cheese, named in his honour, is carefully handcrafted  and when young the centre has a chevre-like texture and a creamy ooziness under the black rind. With time the soft, silky paste matures becoming more creamy and delicious. This is a beautiful addition to any cheese platter with its mild, goat’s milk flavour, hints of mushroom and creamy texture. Frederic’s is easy to enjoy just as it is or take it to the next level by baking under fresh figs, toasted hazelnuts and served with a drizzle of maple syrup.